License Agreement

Please read these terms of use carefully and review this agreement from time to time as they are subjected to change without prior notice.

The following terms apply to all our artwork, including 

1. Paperback Book

2. Digital Editions

3. And images shared via either email, social media, or on our website.

Know that you are held accountable for complying with the copyright laws in your jurisdiction.

Acceptable Use

● Print off one copy for your personal use or academic purposes.

● Share your finished coloring pages online by mentioning the author’s name (Damita Victoria) and the book’s title.

● Make and share a video flip-through of a physical book for colorist enthusiasts.

● Make and share with friends a watermarked slideshow.

● Distribute watermarked images within an online review.

● Forward our promotional emails to friends and family.

● Have a color-along event using any of our images.

Prohibited Uses

● Reproduce, duplicate, copy or re-sell any part of our book for commercial purposes. 

● Share or preview our images online

● Distribute digital editions (i.e., PDF copies) as one person is entitled to a digital edition.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to

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